Mood Coffee

Whatever time of the day, however you are feeling, you can find the appropriate coffee blend made just for you. Cafe de Lipa’s mood coffee not just reflects your state of mind or emotion, it could be the right fix or the right complement for your current disposition.


Espresso blended with scrumptious white chocolate that keeps up with high spirits. This coffee helps your body release endorphins – the small, protein molecules that is said to control negative feelings such as frustration, anxiety, and stress. So if you’re feeling light and easy, take a cup of the Happy coffee for an even happier day ahead!


Energizing blend of espresso and chocolate truffle that awakens and renews. Feeling down with all the workloads? Have the Perk-Up coffee! This is made not just to boost the senses but to stimulate them as well.
Sinful blend of cream and wild berries that hints at playfulness. There are times when you feel like a little child again wanting to be playful, a little naughty in a cute way, and you just can’t help but stick to your mood. Well, we’ve got the right blend for you – the Mischievous coffee! It tickles the senses and matches your bouncy feeling.

Soothing blend of espresso that promotes expansiveness and nonchalance. Wanting for calmness and tranquility inside you? The fusion of coffee and chocolate allows you to achieve that relaxation you can’t wait to have. The dark chocolate in this drink helps release serotonin, a brain chemical that makes us feel relaxed and at the same time contains flavonols which boost the blood flow in your brain to make it function better.


Simply strong coffee from top to bottom giving you that much needed caffeine fix. When the Barako Joe isn’t strong enough for you, wait until you get a cup of the Barako mood coffee! We’re talking about the real caffeine fix here but still in a way you could finish your cup.


Delicate balance of espresso, mocha and a hint of almonds to stimulate focus and concentration. This is the “leave me alone” cup. When you need to concentrate on finishing a task or you just want a “me” time for yourself, this is the perfect mood coffee for you. This would also enhance your cognitive function as you carry on with your personal tasks.

No matter what mood you’re in, we have the perfect caffeine fix for you. Because here in Cafe de Lipa, everybody deserves something good and delightful.

The Magical Brew They Call BARAKO

magical brew

Hold the cup, feel its warmth in the envelope of your hands.

Inhale the pungent, enlivening aroma.

Take a sip and savour the distinct attributes of this brew, all defined with strength, just like a real barako.

This is what you should do to relish this tough man’s brew. So where’s the magic in it? It materializes from the actual drinking experience after finishing a cup of kapeng Barako.

Man enough? Drink Cafe de Lipa’s BARAKO, straight up. And we’re definitely not talking about alcohol here.

The All New Celleto!


Cafe de Lipa presents to you our array of ice blended coffee products for a luscious, sinful treat. Indulge in the fluffy goodness of cream, the pleasure in chocolate, the richness of coffee, and the complementing flavors, randomly blended in one serving!

Revel in the lushness of these Celleto ice blended products: Caramel, Mocha, Dark Mocha, White Chocolate, Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Creme, Chocolate Creme, Strawberries and Cream, Mixed Berries and Cream.