coffee origins | history of cafe de lipa

Philippine coffee traces it roots from the Highlands of Lipa City.

In the 1800s, Coffee was brought to the Philippines; the seedlings were planted by the first settlers of the area, the Macasaet clan.

The extraordinary wealth of the people of Lipa during the 1880s was the astounding fact that for six months around 1886 – 88, Lipa was the world’s sole supplier of coffee beans. In October 21, 1887, Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Spain, acting for the young King Alfonso XIII, elevated Lipa to a city.

The volcanic soil, low temperature and cultivation practices of the Lipenos brought about a unique coffee, KAPENG BARAKO, an aromatic, full – bodied, and strong flavored coffee.

The Macasaet’s continued on growing and making this magical brew. Perfecting their craft with years of experience passed on from generation to generation. Coffee became a way of life for them, living and breathing coffee. They gave their own heart and soul to this bean and in the process making coffee something that is distinctively Filipino.

This passion for great coffee was continued on by Jose H. Mercado and his family, direct descendants of the Macasaet clan. Joe, as known by his friends and colleagues, started on the humblest of beginnings. “I was born in a coffee sack under a coffee tree,” he would freshly recall.

Café de Lipa’s passion for coffee runs deep, rooted from its ancestors commitment on great coffee. They continued on its love for the magical brew, which is the “Kapeng Barako”. Considered to be the best among the Liberica species, it possess a strong and full-bodied flavor, which most people who have tried it attest to the kick or jolt it gives them from every sip. Drinking the Barako doesn’t just involve enjoying its taste, but also its aroma. The best way to have it is black without sugar. And before taking a sip, savor and enjoy its aroma: then let its flavor and body linger on your mouth before swallowing. After this will you only be truly captivated by its strong and bold taste.

Other than the Barako, Café de Lipa also offer a full line of Espresso drinks from your favorite latte to Cappuccino’s and Americano’s, iced coffee variants and the widely popular ice blended drinks. In addition to Café de Lipa’s version of a perfect cup of coffee a wide array of pastries are offered by their stores such as tableya brownies, calamansi crunch, pili nut bars and moist barako brownies. Savory dishes like tinapa and adobo pate with pandesal.

Café de Lipa with their dedicated baristas and staff come together in sharing the true barako experience in the metro. With shops that give you the comforts of a second home. Café de Lipa brings in a venue where one can truly enjoy their favorite cup of coffee. So come and visit us in any of our stores and sample coffee that has been perfected from generations of coffee experience, a hundred years of passion in a cup.