The Probat is the Ferrari of the roasting world.  cafedelipa roasters

The Probatone P12 Series is small enough to be flexible, big enough to really cut the mustard. The Probatone 12 processes up to 400 kilo’s of green coffee into 340 kilos of roasted coffee in 8 hours and can thus produce nearly its own body weight in coffee everyday.

Typical roast time: 12 – 20 minutes
Recommended batch size: 12 kilo’s of green beans
Heating type: Natural gas / Propane gas / Electricity
Hourly output: Approximate 40 kilo’s of roasted coffee

With the engineering and technical capacities of the roaster, we can adjust the roast profile to bring out the maximum flavor of the bean. Thus, not only were we able to get the roast we want; we can also meet the varying demands of the customers based on their preferences.