The Laidback Batangas Coffee Shop

Have the best of Cafe de Lipa and enjoy our products while spending happy moments with your favorite company!

When you are set to meet either a client or an old friend, coffee shop is often the prefered meeting place. Inside a cafe, you can relish the calming atmosphere which is a combination of the subtle quietness of the place and the sweet or nutty aroma of coffee beans.

Since Batangas is known as the home of Kapeng Barako, putting up coffee shops in key areas of the province tend to draw visits from non-Batangueños every once in a while. Cafe de Lipa get to share to them the gift of natural goodness of our coffee and in return, we are able to help our local coffee farmers as demand increases.

Cafe de Lipa is one coffee shop that will ensure you of a satisfying caffeine fix. We do not only provide products which are at par with foreign coffee labels; we serve as the hub of shared laughters and candid moments among our customers.

The laidback interiors of our cafes will make anyone feel at home. You will be welcomed unabashedly, because here in Cafe de Lipa, your happiness and satisfaction is what our business is all about.

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  1. Gene says:

    I’m an American Expat, married and living close to Angeles City (Magalang.)
    Yesterday we went to Hyper Mart in Dau for groceries. I bought a package of your ground coffee for our coffee machine. Once home we made a pot of your coffee. We later went back and bought four more packages!

    I have been to some of the finest restaurants in the world. But never in my 59 years of life have I ever tasted coffee as good as Cafe de Lipa. Absolutely fantastic! Hope you will continue selling to the local stores so that we may continue buying your coffee.

    Best Regards

    Gene and family

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